The VIEW Workshop

Authentic Connection | Rapid Transformation | Self-Exploration

An online course unlike any other.

We all have a voice in our head, an internal dialogue that’s constantly running. It’s the thing that you’re thinking right now as you’re reading this. It’s also where your most destructive limiting beliefs live: the things that prevent you from getting what you want in the world and fulfilling your incredible potential. Who you think you are and who you think it’s possible to be are based on that voice in your head.

What if you could radically transform your relationship with yourself all while deepening intimacy and trust with others? 

VIEW teaches a form of communication that increases authentic connections, uncovers limiting beliefs, and fosters life-changing self-discovery and empowerment. VIEW leverages advancements in neuroscience alongside ancient mindfulness traditions to strengthen trust and open a world of potential – such as making conflicts a productive practice, rather than a source of fear and avoidance.

I already know who my partner will be.

I would like you to help me find a partner.

I can safely say it’s one of the best things to happen to me. Ever. 

Kyle McGahee, Founder & CTO at Wize

What makes VIEW different?

Unlike many personal transformation and self-development courses, VIEW is completed in pairs. VIEW takes place with a partner over five 2-hour Zoom sessions that are guided by VIEW founder, Joe Hudson. A six episode podcast accompanies the coursework as well.

VIEW uses conversation as a medium to tap into a wealth of wisdom and self-discovery. This intimate and supportive setting is unlike anything most have ever experienced and can be a profound way to go deep, get unstuck, and face yourself without flinching. 

In truth, the thing that really makes VIEW such a unique and special experience is YOU. VIEW gives individuals, pairs, teams and groups the tools to guide their own self-exploration — meaning you’ll build skills you can rely on for the rest of your life.

Who is it for?

Do you want to develop deeper connections with your partners, friends, loved ones, colleagues, or business partners while strengthening your relationship to yourself in the process? 

Then VIEW is for you. 

VIEW is a highly effective framework for everyone from co-founders looking to get to the heart of a particular tension showing up in their business, to teams seeking to increase cohesion and productivity, and romantic partners or friends hoping to deepen their trust and intimacy.

I’m ready to experience life in VIEW!

I already know who my partner will be.

I would like you to help me find a partner.

The History of VIEW

VIEW was born from a dream to make the longtime teachings of founder Joe Hudson more accessible to people across the globe. Until now, Joe’s life-altering workshops have only been available through exclusive retreats that cost upwards of thousands of dollars to attend. 

Joe is a renowned coach and teacher to many of the world’s top executives. He has worked as a venture capitalist, philanthropist, consultant, and international banker. His work springs from a 30-year exploration and research into dozens of modalities from spiritual, psychological and neurological traditions. Several years ago, Joe traveled the world searching for people who had the capacity to live joyful, generous, and connected lives while being successful in business. Over the course of these travels and studies, Joe distilled and refined his learnings into the powerfully transformative course, called VIEW.

What people are saying

Topics of conversation are being brought up sooner. Decisions are being made faster. Empathy is being felt more. It’s shown us that we have the ability to strengthen trust.”

Caitlin Flood, Community Manager

It’s worth every minute – investing the time in this process will make everything after the fact so much more efficient and effective that you can’t afford not to spend the time.”

-Angeline Preifer, Director Client Services

I’m going back to my business not as a heavy weight but as a place where I can play and have fun. I can use work…to grow, laugh, learn, and support…which is all I cared about in the first place.

Tiago Forte, Founder & CEO

Are you ready to go deeper?

I already know who my partner will be.

I would like you to help me find a partner.

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